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Designed in 2012 with the input of Wisconsin cranberry growers, the O'Connell Cranberry King was designed to install both drainage and irrigation pipe in new and existing cranberry beds.
The O'Connell Cranberry King uses a 3-point hitch attachment and a parallel linkage vertical lift system. The 20” disc blade is located directly above the cutting edge and is designed to cut the existing cranberry roots cleanly and efficiently with minimal disturbance to the cranberry bed. The 24 degree cutting edge at the front lifts the soil and allows the installation slide to move through the soil while keeping excellent grade.
The Cranberry King has a 66” long slide with an attached laser/GPS mount for the accurate placement of drainage and irrigation pipe. The entry to the slide has two vertical and one horizontal roller to prevent any cuts or abrasions on the irrigation pipe. The control wheel is adjustable from 2” to 4” drainage or irrigation pipe. There are two depth control wheels/tires at the rear of the slide that are adjustable from 6” to 18” depth. There are two trench closing wheels/tires at the rear of the slide that cause minimal disturbance to existing cranberry beds. 
The O'Connell Cranberry King operates with a zero pitch on the shoe/slide assembly. Zero pitch allows for the most accurate pipe placement. With zero pitch, the pipe is discharged at the same depth below the surface across the entire cranberry bed, holding a zero grade. The depth control wheels/tires allow for accurate placement of drainage pipe and little to no variation in sprinkler length.
The Cranberry King was tested with 100,000 feet of drainage pipe and 30,000 feet of irrigation pipe before the first machine was put on the market.
Designed to install drainage & irrigation pipe in new and existing cranberry beds
Front mounted 20" disc blade cuts roots for minimal plant disburbance
Parallel lift linkage for the most accurate pitch control
Long 66" slide for accurate installation of pipe
Vertical & horizontal rollers to protect the pipe from abrasion
Quick & easy attachment to a 3-point hitch
Laser/GPS mount standard
Rear trench closing wheels for the least amount of bed disturbance
Adjustable wheel at the discharge point for accurate depth placement of drainage or irrigation pipe
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O Connell Farm Drainage Plows