ID # 17266750

44 Point Inspection

Dealer Price $395 CAD

Auger Drive Chains, Pickup Flotation Adjustment, Pickup Drive Chain Condition and Tension, Stuffer Drive Chain Condition and Tension

pickup area
Auger Drive Chains
Pickup Flotation Adjustment
Pickup Drive Chain Condition And Tension
Stuffer Drive Chain Condition And Tension
Sheet Metal Condition
Electrical Connections
Missing And Broken Parts
Monitor Condition/operation
Electrical Harness Routing/condition
Gauges And Indicators On Front Of Machine
Operation Of Kickers (if Equipped) Miscellaneous(cont.)
Hydraulic Lines, Valving And Cylinders (conditions And Leakage)
tie-off system
Brake Pad
Twine Tube Breakaway
Twine Knife Condition
Cut-Off Knife Condition
Twine Routing Tube Condition
Twine Cut-Off Adjustment Mesh Wrap (If Equipped)
safety equipment
PTO Shields
Safety Chain
Flasher Lights
bale chamber and gear box
Gearbox Breather
Stedge Slip Clutch
Stedge Roll Drive Chain
Starter Roll Drive Chain
Gearbox Mounting Hardware
Rotor Drive Chains If Equipped
Forming Belt And Lace Condition
Main Slip Clutch/Shear Bolt (PTO)
Bale Slice Operation/Knife Condition(if Equipped)