ID # 17266711

36 Point Inspection

Dealer Price $375 CAD

Chains and Belts Condition and Alignment, Sprocket and Sheave Condition and Alignment

Chains And Belts Condition And Alignment
Sprocket And Sheave Condition And Alignment
header cutter bed
Knives And Knife Bolts
Cutter Bed Drive Shafts
Lifters And Cutter Bed Discs
Paint/Safety-Warning Decals/Exterior Condition/SMV Emblem
conditioner rolls
Roll Gap
Rolls-Damage, Discoloration, Runout
center pivot units
Swivel Hitch Gearboxes
Center Pivoting Gearbox
Swivel Hitch Trunnion And Gearbox Coupler
Secondary PTO Rear U-Joint And Slip Clutch
Primary PTO U-Joints And Telescoping Section
Secondary Front PTO U-Joints And Telescoping Section
hitch and driveline
PTO Slide Collar And Splines
Safety Chains/Transport Warning Lights
Hitch Pivot Pins/Linkage And Transport Lock
Primary PTO U-Joints And Telescoping Section
main frame and wheels
Linkages And Pins